A Human Approach to SEO

human approach to seoYesterday, while I was trudging through my RSS feed, I came across an article about why people hate SEOs. Of course, in this instance I think the word hate is used primarily as an attention-grabber, but the article definitely brings up some good points on why businesses and developers get frustrated with SEOs. It really boils down to a simple concept: SEOs tend to forget that the internet is for people. There needs to be a human approach to SEO.
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Social Media for Business: Why You’re Failing (and 4 Ways to Fix It!)

Social Media for BusinessIf you are running a business of any sort, chances are pretty high that by now you’ve at least set up a Facebook page for it. You might even have Twitter, Google+, or any number of other networking site profiles. If you’re like many companies, you’ve probably noticed that your posts aren’t getting many likes or shares. In fact, they’re often not getting seen at all. Social media for business is a different beast.

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It Takes Time to Build: White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO - Raise Your Visibility

Getting your site to rank in search engines is important, whether you are trying to sell or product or just get information out to people. There are a variety of tactics for doing this, and they fall under what is known as SEO (search engine optimization.) SEO tactics are generally broken into two houses: White Hat SEO, and Black Hat SEO, and the occasional mention of Gray Hat SEO. I will go more in depth on these below.

SEO seems to be an oft misunderstood topic, even amongst people who do it professionally. It’s easy to see why. Google is constantly reconfiguring its algorithms, with sometimes confounding results. Marketing, as ever, is highly competitive, and businesses may sometimes resort to… unsavory practices in regards to SEO.

Though these shady tactics can get you to rank, I’m here to make the argument that they are a bad idea, and that honest, ethical SEO is the best long-term solution for your site. But first…
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Defining Your Personal Brand

There is a common thread connecting many successful people together. Their names are nearly always inextricably connected to their craft. In effect, they are their own brand. So what exactly is a personal brand? The long and short of it is: it’s you! How you present yourself to the world, both socially and professionally, and how the world therefore sums you up. If I have successfully built up a personal brand, when I ask someone, “who is Cameron Paxton?” they should reply, “oh, he’s a digital nomad who does SEO copywriting.” I’m not there yet, but I will be, and I’ve found a few tips to help out.
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Achieve Success Without a College Degree

There is no getting around it at this point: academic inflation is making a college degree worth less and less. Unfortunately for the aspiring college student, they aren’t costing less and less. Quite the opposite in fact! But what can you do? In this job market, you need at least a 4-year degree to land a decent paying job, and probably a master’s degree or PhD to really get ahead. Common sense would tell you there really isn’t a way to achieve success without a college degree.

Well, if that was true, I wouldn’t be writing this. Don’t give up yet, you have options!

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New Year’s Day Radio Interview: Digital Nomads

On New Year’s Day, I was interviewed by The Global Wanderer on 91.7 KOOP in Austin, TX regarding my upcoming transition into a Digital Nomad lifestyle. Have you ever thought of becoming location independent, and working while you travel the world?

Listen to my interview and let me know what you think!

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Key Questions on the Way to Success

Well, here it is. The first official post on RYV. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks brainstorming the direction I wanted to take the blog portion of this site, and realized the direction is right in the name itself!

Success generally comes from being highly visible to your target audience. Of course, this subject is rife for exploration… how do you become more visible? What is the metric for measuring success? Who exactly do you want to notice you? I’ll be touching on these points in depth as the blog progresses, and I’d be happy for you to come along! I’ll take this opportunity to briefly touch on these questions now. It’ll be interesting to see how the answers change over time.
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